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The Trophy Case

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What’s this about?
This is a team project community

What do I do?
You post an application and then wait to be sorted

How are the applications sorted?
Applicants will be sorted into teams depending on how you fill out your application. Remember to be honest and be yourself
You cant be rejected on your application but how you answer the questions will decide where you are places
At this point only the mods will sort applicants so no one else should be leaving comments in application posts you will have plenty of time to get to know people once they are sorted into your team
*this might change once things get moving and app. can be voted on by members, but for know leave it to the mods.*

What’s a team?
a team is a group of applicants similar to you. You will work with these people on projects

What are projects?
Projects are problems that each team has to solve. Each team has a team captain that well lead you team in the project. Each project will have rules and a due date. On that due date the project will be submitted to the main community for judging.

What do you get when you win?
When a team wins a trophy will be placed on the bookshelf in each teams community. This is good
The team with the most trophies at certain times will receive bonus to help out in future projects and will receive extra advances for there team.

What are the rules
1.Applicants are not to post until sorted into teams
Once on teams then they my use THEIRS TEAM COMMUNITY ONLY. Members will not be allowed into the opposite teams community under any circumstances. If it is found that you are going to the other teams community you will be banned from the community.
2.Applicants are to act in an orderly fashion and be respectful to members. You argue will members then you will be banned.
3.Please I ask that cussing and racial comments be left outside this community. There is no need for it.
4.Applicants must be 13 +
5. You have to promote the community or it wont get anywhere
6. If you have any suggestions or comments just email me
7. most of all have fun

and that’s it its not that hard just hang out and enjoy

Application rules
-First you read the rules
-You post one application don’t change it
-Put application as your lj-cut
- must bold either questions or answers..NOT BOTH
-You do not to post until you enter a team room
-Be honest and be yourself
-Don’t skip questions
-Don’t follow the rules your app will be deleted and you get one more chance to try again
After that your done
-Be cool with members or you will be booted
-Most of all have fun

So I know you read these rules put “red or blue” in the subject line of your post

Mod/Captin application